About Vitamix

Vitamix company was founded in 1921, and has become quickly the market leader of blending technology.

The company’s guide-line is based on its desire to put the costumer in the center of the company’s world, thus constantly coming up and presenting the world with the newest features and best qualities that a blender can have. Vitamix company has invented the first blending machine that could make hot soup, blend ice cream, grind grain into the finest flour and even knead bread dough.

The best engineering knowledge, combined with costumer input, were integrated throughout the years into the design and development of the most advanced, high-performance and most durable blending machine that exists nowadays.

The outcome is a powerful, reliable and a versatile blender that can make variety of textures and mix a whole range of different food ingredients. No wonder that the company has won so many awards in the field of kitchen innovations and best-in-class awards.

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